The HSAA or the Health Sciences Association of Alberta is a union that represents more than 26,000 health care professionals in the province of Alberta, Canada. The HSAA provides support and advocacy for its members, negotiating collective agreements that outline their rights, benefits, and working conditions. In 2018, the HSAA reached a collective agreement with the Alberta Health Services (AHS) that addresses important issues related to the healthcare sector.

The HSAA Collective Agreement 2018 is a comprehensive agreement that aims to improve the working conditions of healthcare professionals and enhance patient care. The agreement covers a wide range of topics, including pay rates, job security, health and safety, and professional development. Let`s take a deeper look at some of the key provisions of the HSAA Collective Agreement 2018.

Salary and Benefits

One of the crucial components of the HSAA Collective Agreement is the compensation package. Healthcare professionals covered by the agreement receive competitive wages, including annual wage increases and step-up increases. The agreement also provides for comprehensive benefits, such as extended health, dental, and vision care, life insurance, disability coverage, and retirement benefits.

Job Security

The HSAA Collective Agreement includes provisions that provide job security for healthcare professionals. The agreement outlines the conditions for layoffs, including mandatory notice periods and a process for selection. The agreement also provides protection for workers against discrimination, harassment, and undue discipline.

Health and Safety

The HSAA Collective Agreement prioritizes the health and safety of healthcare professionals and patients. The agreement outlines workplace conditions that must be maintained to ensure safety, such as proper equipment, training, and work processes. The agreement also provides for a joint health and safety committee to address concerns and recommend improvements.

Professional Development

The HSAA Collective Agreement also recognizes the importance of ongoing professional development for healthcare professionals. The agreement outlines opportunities for training, education, and career advancement. The agreement also includes provisions for continuing education funding, allowing healthcare professionals to pursue additional training and certification.

In conclusion, the HSAA Collective Agreement 2018 reflects the HSAA`s commitment to improving the healthcare sector in Alberta. The agreement provides for competitive wages and benefits, job security, health and safety, and professional development opportunities. The collective agreement is a testament to the HSAA`s dedication to advocating for healthcare professionals, ensuring that they receive fair treatment, and providing quality care for patients.